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KettyBot is the first serving and receiving robot from Pudu Robotics that can perform multiple tasks – marketing and promoting new products, serving food and beverages, escorting guests to the table, and finding products faster in the store. Kettybot relieves your customers from the hassle of searching for products.
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of businesses in the retail, catering and care sectors lack employees.

According to a survey, about 80 percent of respondents in October 2021 reported problems due to a shortage of skilled workers.

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There would already be a shortage of nursing staff in Germany by 2020.

According to the Institute of the German Economy in Cologne, the demand for nursing staff in Germany could rise to a total of around 500,000 by 2035.

We have the solution for you!

With the Kettybot, you not only create a marketing attraction for your guests and customers, but also support your staff at the same time. While the Kettybot performs routine tasks, employees and service staff can take care of more important tasks, such as personal communication. Kettybot is the ideal companion be it in use as an advertising ambassador, tasting station, reception or escort and more.

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KettyBot Marketing

Welcomes the guests

Pudu Robotics launched the all-rounder Kettybot in September 2021. The result is a smart, agile helper that can be used in many areas.

The special feature of the Ketty Bot is its 18.5-inch high-resolution color display. This can attract new customers with your own customized advertising. In the past, there were promotional stands in the supermarket, but today there is the Kettybot. It presents new products in an appealing way, can play photos or videos, and interact with customers.



Imagine the Kettybot being able to offer product and tasting samples to any customer on a set route or at a specific point in your store. Two trays on the back are provided for this purpose. These two trays can also be removed and replaced with a cover.

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Internorga and FEX 2022
INTERNORGA is the largest trade fair for the hotel and catering industry in Europe. Energiereich Consulting participated for the first time from 30.4. to 4.5.2022. Franchise Expo is the largest franchise trade fair in the German-speaking region. Energiereich Consulting will participate from 10-12 November in Frankfurt with its own booth (C344).

Product launch

Marketingrobot KettyBot

KettyBot is the first serving and receiving robot from Pudu Robotics that is versatile. As a cost-effective and highly efficient robot, KettyBot offers an exclusive experience for various scenarios.
  • Minimum passage width of 55 cm
  • 18.5-inch large advertising screen
  • Simple and intuitive operation
  • Running time of 8 hours


Use as a reception and escort robot

Guides the guests to your place

The Kettybot is also used as a reception robot. It greets newly arriving customers and offers its service. If a customer accepts the offer to be taken to a specific product location, Kettybot accompanies the customer and tells him the location of the desired goods – without a service employee having to take care of it. On site, Kettybot can also introduce new products through voice contact.

Kettybot can also advertise and promote new products, offer free samples to customers, and escort prospective customers to the appropriate shelf.

Your location is rather small and the aisles are narrow? No problem for the Kettybot. The slim design allows the Kettybot to elegantly pass through aisles as narrow as 55 cm and navigate with precision.



Technical specifications

Artificial intelligence pairs with customer convenience – Kettybot not only brings an exceptional buying experience for customers, but also massively increases customer satisfaction at the same time.


435*450*1120 mm


Max. 8h







Driving speed

Max 1.2m/s


55 CM

large advertising screen


Obstacle transition height

Max. 7 mm

Pitch angle

≤ 5 °

a versatile all-rounder

The advantages of Kettybot

excellent advertising medium on wheels

Kettybot can be operated intuitively and can therefore be guided by all service staff. The interaction of human and Kettybot ensures better service and increased speed. The Kettybot takes care of simple recurring tasks while the service staff can focus on customer care.

The use of several Kettybots also works smoothly, as the robots can communicate with each other. The Kettybot cleverly avoids obstacles, as it permanently scans its surroundings with several sensors and avoids possible obstacles at an early stage.

Thus, the Kettybot can support for at least 8 hours in operation. When the battery is low, Kettybot reports with a voice signal and autonomously goes to the charging station.


Energiereich Robotics

Years on the market

Over 20 years of experience in logistics and trade with Asia make us experts in our field. We feel at home in Asia as well as in Europe and maintain our network so that you can benefit from our experience.

Customer support

As expertswe will be happy to advise you on all matters relating to robotics and digitization. After the purchase, we do not leave you alone. Our 24/7 support hotline will take your call and we will deal with your concerns promptly.

Delivery advantages

Thanks to long-standing and reliable business partnerships, we keep the best transport options and shortest delivery routes at your disposal, with all imported products subject to strict quality controls and applicable EU directives.



Suction and mopping robot

From 22.10.22 EnergieReich Consulting will be the first company in Germany to present the new suction and mopping robot CC1 in its showroom. Convince yourself and make an appointment today by sending an email to Info@EnergieReich-Consulting.com. Do you want to be one of the first to have this all-rounder in your company? Get in touch with us today….

FranchiseFEX 2022

FEX|22 Frankfurt

FranchiseEXPO 22

Once again, Franchise Expo will take place in Frankfurt am Main. From November 10-12, franchisors from all over the world will present their individual concepts and look for new franchise partners. EnergieReich Consulting presents as a supplier the possibility of using service robots in system gastronomy and franchising stores. Visit us at booth C344 and inform yourself about the different application possibilities.


und Antworten

There are numerous possibilities for the use of service robots and depends on the need. For the catering industry, the Bellabot is particularly suitable, as it can transport 8 plates at the same time, or Holabot for returning dishes. In companies, delivery robots can roam the production halls and deliver various materials or even coffee or food to the workplaces. A marketing robot like the Kettybot provides excellent support to retail companies and supermarkets for special campaigns and promotions. Disinfection robots are mainly used for hygiene, especially where many people gather every day such as airports, trade fairs, hospitals and retirement homes.

In system catering, the service robot can bring the burger and fries directly to the table and the guest takes the food. In service-oriented restaurants, the Bellabot service robot is used to cover the distances between the kitchen and the guest room and to take over carrying the heavy plates. This gives the service staff more time to personally take care of the guests.

No, regular maintenance is not necessary. However, we recommend cleaning the robot daily and paying special attention to the integrity and cleanliness of the rollers and the lasers.

It is recommended to clean the robot with a clean cotton cloth (dish towel). Do not hose down or wet the robot as it is electronic. To clean the rollers, carefully lay the robot on its sides while it is turned off. It is best to do this in pairs. Then carefully clean the rollers of hair, lint and dust. We do not guarantee the robot will lie down and stand upright.

It is best if you send us photos of the conditions on site, especially floor conditions, door thresholds, unevenness as well as passage widths and access between kitchen and guest room. Furthermore, you need a stable W-Lan connection and the W-Lan key.

If you decide to lease through our partner Flexvelop, insurance is already included for the duration of the lease. Afterwards, this insurance does not apply.
It is therefore advisable to take out suitable insurance including electronics. It is best to talk to your insurance broker.

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excellent advertising medium on wheels

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